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Trying To Set Up A Small Woodshop

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    Originally posted by wwsmith
    I think the above posts said it pretty well, but if you live in Peoria I'd go for the "1000 ton" A/C unit first.

    It's already too hot for me!
    your not kidding thanks for the reply


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      Originally posted by Lorax
      Hey BD
      Don't forget about clamps!!
      i am on my way to sears tonite just for that very thing thanks again
      sears has a set i saw on the internet for i think 100.00 of 16 clamps four big 6 medium and the rest smaller and diffrent kinds thanks again


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        shop set up

        Here are a few suggestions didn't see up above: sanders, chisels, collection of hammers, weatherstripping and insulation, (here in CO, this is not an automatic that it's done) buckets of hand tools.


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          1 good hand plane is always nice. When you need it, there's really nothing else that'll do. You can get cheap ones at HD and sharpen/polish the blade pretty well. Should do fine. You don't have to pay hundreds to get a good hand plane.

          You need clamps. More. Go get more clamps. I gotta get more clamps. Be back later....going to get clamps.....

          I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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            As Badger Dave said.
            Not responsible for speeling mistakes


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              My wallet is lighter....... I got 2 Bessey 31" bar clamps!! They really seem neat. Got little feet on the free end so they'll stay level. Now I can make door panels.... well, after I spend just a little more on a panel raising bit...then there's the molding bit....then there's the..... ok, well, there's always more.
              I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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                god i love clamps

                ditto on the hand plane, buck bros has a decent intro one for arround $30. while your there buy an extra blade for it, its like $3, just in case you drop the plane and chip the blade, ya got an extra one one.

                i think im going to get more clamps too.
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