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Grizzly vs. Ridgid Jointer

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  • Grizzly vs. Ridgid Jointer

    I have been looking at 6" jointers for a while now and have narrowed my choice down to the Grizzly G0452 or the Ridgid JP0610. Price is not the issue since I would need a mobile base for the Ridgid anyway. I am leaning towards the Grizzly. I know this a Ridgid forum but maybe I can still get some good input from you guys. What are your opinions and why.
    Here is the link to the Grizzly.

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    I doubt if you could go wrong with either. Both seem to be well thought of by those who own them. Personally, given just these two choices, my choice would also be the Grizzly. I like the on/off switch on the raised pedestal and also the enclosed base with the built in mobile base. I doubt if one produces better results than the other so my choice is really based more on appearance than anything else.
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      I’ve had the Ridgid for about three years and it has performed great. The only negative that I have found is the height was much too low for me to use comfortably, I built my own mobile base and brought the height up by about seven inches and that rectified that problem. I like the built-in mobile stand on the Grizzly but that would complicate the issue of raising it if needed. The only differences I see right off besides the switch position is the Grizzly uses a lever adjust on the infeed table where Ridgid uses a hand wheel and the Ridgid has the ability to be run on 220V if desired. One benefit of the Grizzly is that it eliminates the hassle of loading and unloading a couple hundred pound box into and out of your vehicle. Either one will probably give you years of carefree service, pick your color.