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awesome mitersaw stand, cheap!

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  • awesome mitersaw stand, cheap!

    Recently I needed an additional mitersaw stand to mount a second saw that I could leave set up for multiple cuts throughout the day. I ran up to HD and picked up a "cheap" Ryobi stand for $99 and thought I'd get what I paid for, something like the wobbly Sears unit I tossed in the scrap heap after the second time it collapsed with a saw on it.

    Well, what a surprise? I took this thing out of the box, and it was fully assmebled and ready for work. The legs are stout and lock securley, the attachment system was ergonomically terrific and makes it a snap to remove the saw (or relocate it to the far end of the stand for more extension room on the other end). There's a center support bar that goes the length of the stand that makes the perfectly balanced handle from which to carry the stand around the jobsite, whether or not the legs are extended.

    The stand is very secure and I actually prefer using it to the expensive Bosch or Hitachi units (which appears to be the same stand, different color?). I relocated my Bosch tilt/slide/10" saw to this stand and it's perfect for it.

    It's almost exactly the same length as the Bosch and Hitachi, too. If you absolutely need a longer stand, then the Yellow one is the way to go.

    Anyway, Ryobi often gets a bum rap for their "consumer-grade" tools, but this time they did it right. f you need a really well made mitersaw stand for under $100, here it is!
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    Hi Hiloguy,

    I just bought one of those a few weeks ago and it is a great piece of equipment. Easy to fold/unfold carry set up very sturdy and not too awfully heavy. In my opinion it is much better than the DeWalt and costs much less money.


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      HD had the Ridgid MSUV stand on sale for $99 for about a month. Now it is back up to $149. It is a wheeled miter stand, that you permanently attach the CMS to, and can wheel it around, then squeeze a lever, and it pops into a miter stand with outriggers, etc.

      If you have to move the miter saw and stand to different locations, then I recommend it over the Ryobi, even at the higher price. It is similar to a handtruck, with the CMS mounted vertically midway.

      Ironically, this is a Ridgid site, and I found out about the Ridgid sale on the stand on the BT3 forum, which is an unofficial Ryobi 'site'.


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        I bought the Ryobi Miter Saw Stand (model A18MS01) this past December. Great stand and very sturdy. I looked at the Ridgid MSUV, but I don't need wheels, as I just set up and work in one area. The MSUV was a bit wide and I figure locating in one room or another the Ryobi was easier to move. It will also support up to 400 lbs.

        For anyone interested, those quick release brackets can be purchased separately should anyone which to add another tool or jig to this CMS stand.

        Part Nbr: A000220601 - $15.36 plus shipping.



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          I've had mine for about a's awesome for the price. I have a big fat sliding miter saw on it an it's very sturdy. One thing; you should occasionally check the level between the supports and the saw table. I have found that it tends to sag about 1/8" on each side after a week or so of use.
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