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    I would like to add a dust collector to the shop, but I'm not real sure about a couple of things. Things like whether it should be stationary or portable, or how to size it (hp, cfm, etc). Machines I would put on the DC are a 6" jointer, 13" planer, 10" table saw and router table.

    Any info (pro's and con's) and/or recommendations would be appreciated.


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    I have a small wheeled 1 HP 590 CFM collector and it does a fine job on the jointer and planer which by far create more volume of chips than any other machine you could attach it too. It would be nice to have a piped system so I could move from machine to machine without dragging the collector along but thats for my new shop.
    So if you have a bunch of $$$ with nothing to spend it on a nice 5 HP Onida cyclone would be nice but in reality a small 1 HP will work just fine. Make sure you get good 1 micron dust bags.


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      Ive had my 2 hp Grizzly for a few years now. piped throughout the shop and it is great for all tools. has enogh power to use multiple tools at once when needed. I believe it is 1250 CFM. I have it wired for 220v.
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        What would be a reasonable price for an entry level 1hp DC? Any suggestions on manufacturers or web sites?