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Better TS3650 base than Herc-u-lift?

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  • Better TS3650 base than Herc-u-lift?

    I have a RIDGID TS3650 table saw. It has the Herc-u-lift mobile base.

    The base works fine, but I'd like to replace it with a different base (HTC, Delta, etc.). Something that will get the saw to sit up a little higher.

    Is there another mobile base out there that fits this particular saw well? Please let me know the name and model number.


    - Toolfreak

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    How much higher do you want it to be? When properly adjusted, the saw raises up quite a bit when the wheels are engaged, and easy to move around.


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      raising TS3650 height

      The table is about 37" high out-of-the-box, which is higher than most. The base is good and the lift is super, so why not keep it and insert a spacer between the base and the saw? All it would take is some longer carriage bolts to replace the furnished ones. The build of the base and saw lend themseves to this kind of modificaction. The spacer could even be made of wood, but be sure to run any stock through a planer to make certain it is the same exact thickness all around. Assemble it upside-down on a flat floor and tighten all fasteners evenly. Best to use kd high-quality wood to avoid shrinkage and subsequent loose bolts.

      And don't forget to paint your spacer orange!
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