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Dry Silicone vs. Paste wax

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  • Dry Silicone vs. Paste wax

    At work we have either a Delta or a Rockwell international 10" TS. I'm pretty sure it's the latter. Since it's a Navy Marina, we build docks not cabinetry. And the most plentiful wood is the rough-cut green pressure-treated cyanide kiln-dried variety which we buy at Dixieline since HD won't give quanity discounts. Paste wax may make airplanes go faster but it slows down boats so you generally won't find it in the Chandlery. We use "Sail Lube" silicone spray lubricant on both the blade and table, and wood just screams through the saw, dangerously fast. The marina is located about 300 yards from the Pacific ocean, on the west side of San Diego Bay. The air is humid, and salty, from the oceans breakers. Do you still think wax would be the better way to go? Elvin

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    The saw has a Ridgid 10" Ultimate Finish 90 tooth'er.


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      For your application, you are using the right thing. You do not want to use silicone when doing woodworking because of the effect it has on stains and finishes.
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        You don't put a stain or anything on the pressure treated lumber. No need to worry about the silicon making little birds-eyes in the finish product. I bet those boards just scream through the saw!!
        I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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          Collinite #850 Metal Wax is available in many fine chandleries and it contains no silicone but it requires much more elbow grease to apply than what you are currently using. I'd keep doing what your doing, as long as the operation keeps primarily using PT lumber why not go with what is easiest to apply.