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    Does anyone know where an expansion rate of wood table is located, I Googled it and was unsuccessful at finding one. I was wondering if a maple butcher-block surface that is face glued could be encased with a cherry frame. The area in question would be about 16 inches of stacked up maple end grain being glued to the face grain of the cherry. Thanks for your help.


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    All I could find from google was thermal properties of Oak and Pine. My guess is most woods are close. This does not account for expansion and contraction due to changes in moisture content. There will be both tensile loads (maple shrinking parallel to grain wanting to pull away from the cherry) and shear loads(cherry expanding or shrinking parallel to its grain and wanting to "slide" across the maple) that need to be accounted for.

    Using the linear thermal expansion equation
    DL = a*L*DT
    DL is the change in length,
    L is the original length
    DT is the change in temp

    Oak perp to grain: a = 54x10-6 per deg C
    Oak parallel to grain: a = 5x10-6 per deg C
    Pine perp to grain: a = 34x10-6 per deg C
    Pine parallel to grain: a = 5x10-6 per deg C

    Here's the link I used:


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      Another reference:

      Wood Shrinkage Calculator