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Wet/Dry Vac (What to buy?)

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  • Wet/Dry Vac (What to buy?)

    Hi all
    I am looking at getting a new Vacuum. I have a 16gal 6hp. Craftman unit (With the removable blower) but I want to leave it at our cottage up north.

    My main use will probably be garage clean-up and used to clean out the cars.
    I am thinking about the 4.5gal 5hp Pro Pack, or one of the base 4gal 5hp wet/dry vac. I am thinking I will like the portability and ease of storage, but I am also very fearful that I may loose some performance. I don't mind if I have to dump more often, but I don't want to sacrifice any suction.

    The larger units have 6 and 6.5 hp motors (MORE POWER) , but I am wondering how much difference I will notice.

    Any opinions?

    If I am loosing a lot of performance by going to these compact units, then I will just deal with a larger bulky unit like my craftsman. If perfomance loss is minimal, then the compact unit may be for me.

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    I have a 6hp Craftsman probably similar to yours without the detachable blower feature. I also have a 4.5hp shopvac, which I would assume, would be in the same league as the Pro Pack you are considering.
    There is no comparison in the capabilities of the two, between the lower HP and the limitations of the more restrictive smaller diameter hose I would bet that you would be disappointed in a smaller unit. Don’t get me wrong, they definitely have their place and would suffice for vacuuming out cars and such, but after being spoiled by owning a more powerful one you would notice the added time associated with cleanups.