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Several Issues with my new BS14002

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    Thanks, Todd, for the enlightenment.



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      BS14012: Initial Frustration, Followed by Wary Happiness

      This thread has taken on a life of its own, but it started with my post raising a number of issues I was having with my new BS1402.

      The net of it: Ridgid shiped this unit with one tire way too big for the saw--it flew off the unit as soon as I powered on. Ridgid sent me a replacement tire, which was WAY too small. So I puchased a set of orange tires (Ebay), and they went on easily and fixed the problem. While I was at it, I put on a new Timberwolf blade, and all has been well since.

      I've been resawing 6-inch Ipe without issue, and this tool has allowed me to complete a number of projects that you just can't complete without a bandsaw.

      So, in the end, I am happy with my tool--but Ridgid came close to getting this one back. The weight of the tool, and the time it would have taken me to dismantle it, certainly work in their favor.

      Thanks for all the posts.



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        trish--had the same problem with My tires, more on upper than lower, but they seem to stretch out quickly and pile up a loose loop before the blade on the upper drive wheel. my tire and blade also slipped, and reducing the tension did not help that much. besides, I don't think you are supposed to run the belt that loose. I called the support line and they are sending me new tires but had not seemed to have heard of this problem before nor did they have a solution. I asked about using rubber cement and they said it couldn't hurt--clean-up would be easy, but this is a problem new to me and any other bandsaws I've used. Used up some tires, but they all stayed put. Get back to me if you have other responses. thanks--klt


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          Bad Bandsaw Tires

          Kerry, my advice would be to spend about $30 (delivered) and buy a set of precision made orange (urethane) tires. I purchased mine on ebay--just search on "urethane band saw tires", and look for listing by Sulphur Grove Tools.

          For Ridgid to claim they are unaware of the problem just validates my perception that their technical support is weak. There are numerous threads in this forum discussing the "flying" tire problem, so there's no excuse for them to be unaware. I can only assume they have a QC issue with this component, or they are simply using the cheapest tires available. As I mentioned in my earlier post, the tires that were shipped with the unit, and the 1 replacement tire they sent me, were each differently sized. And I'm talking huge variances--as much as an inch from tire to tire--really inexcusable.

          The orange tires, besides fitting like they should (perfectly), also make it infinitely easier to see / track the blade position.

          It's a shame the consumer needs to spend another $50 to replace inferior ship-with components on this tool (tires/blade), but based on the posts from the other BS users on this forum, you will be much happier with the tool if you do. Also, many others have suggested smoother operation of the BS can be achieved with a link belt, which I suspect is true. But mine works smooth enough with the ship-with belt.

          Good luck!


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            Tire size

            I'm glad I found this thread... it's describing exactly what I'm encountering. I've only used my bandsaw three times since purchase (just a few weeks ago) and the upper tire is all over the place now. I'm about to start a bedrame which needs some curves and this is definitely affecting my timeline.

            Anyway, I've found the vendor suggested on eBay, however I have one question. I'm at work so I can't measure myself, but I'm hoping someone knows offhand and I can order today...

            What tire width does the Ridgid 1400 need? I don't want to inadvertently introduce any wobble or drift factors, and want a nice snug fit in all directions.

            Woodcraft sells 14" tires, but they're 7/8" wide. The orange ones from Sulfur Grove Tool say they're exactly 1". Rockler doesn't list a width - are they the right width?
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