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crap on new router bits

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  • crap on new router bits

    O.K. so I got a huge selection of router bits as a present (I suspect they are el cheapo's). They are covered (shielded) for shipping, I assume, in a rather thick clear "goo". Do I take the "crap" off, or just run the bit on scrap? I'm afraid to scrape it off in fear of dulling the blades?


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    The coating was to prevent rust during shipping/storage. A little mineral spirits should clean them up, if it does not take it off then get some spray on oven cleaner and let them soak a little to removed the gunk.
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      Put on some old clothes, safety glasses and a hat. Chuck up the bits in your router, turn on the power and watch that "crap" fly around the shop.
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        It should peel right off with your thumbnail.



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          I use an awl. .........just work it under the plastic and stay away from the carbide edge.

          Mmmmm, I may try the running it on some scrap material sometime to see the plastic fly....


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            I just cut into it gently with a knife and peel it off.
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              Yes sir,
              I second the razor knife it works smooth too. Been so long since needing to remove plastic I forgot about that little trick.