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Zero tolerance TS insert for 2400

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  • Zero tolerance TS insert for 2400

    Has anybody made a zero tolerance TS insert for the 2400 or know of someplace that sells them?

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    This place sells them,
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      Why don't you just purchase a large UMHW cutting board from ACE or some place else that sell them. Cut close to fit & sand or rout to final fit. YOu can then use a router to rout the rabbit around the edge so the ZCI will drop down flush with your top. & You'll need a slot on the under side for blade clearance so your blade when rolled clear down will clear the un cut zero clearance slot. I made some for my Sears saw & with allen screws to level the ZCI & the UHMW & got 7 ZCI out out the cutting board each ZCI cost me just over $3. The allen screws will self thread no need for a tap.
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        VLL, that is actually a pretty good idea! I made some from oak and bought one from ttrackusa, but next time I need a new one I might give that a try. Thanks for the tip.

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