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Need assistance choosing from 3 Jointers

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  • Need assistance choosing from 3 Jointers

    I need to purchase a jointer within a week and I can afford one of these options.

    Ridgid JP0610 $349

    Craftsman Professional 21705 $419

    Jet 6CSX (blue one) slightly used/excellent shape $375

    I cannot find any reviews on the this new Craftsman model but I am very happy with the $700 hybrid table saw I purchased. The Jet reviews are good but I think they are for the new cream painted ones (any difference besides paint color?). The Ridgid also has decent reviews and lifetime warranty. I am leaning toward the Jet model as it seems like a good buy for a mid priced jointer. But any input would be appreciated.


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    I don't have a jointer and don't even want one, but I have notheard any bad reports on the Ridgid at all. Best price and for a new machine with LSA. If I decide to get a Jointer sometime in the future it will be the Ridgid without wasting time shopping out the internet for specifics. MHO
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      I really like my Ridgid jointer. With a few jigs, I can joint even thin pieces. It's got enough power to handle everything I've asked it to.
      I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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        If the Jet is this one, then I think it would be the best buy for the money. A word of warning though, I'm not sure how low ago Jet went to the cream color but I know its been at least 4 years and maybe even longer ago than that. I would look it over very closely and not take the owners word for it that it is only slightly used.
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          Yes looks the same but someone has jumped on it before me.

          Probably just go with the Ridgid unless another Jet pops up soon.

          For the replies


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            I have owned the Ridgid jointer for 4 years now. No problems with it yet


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              Went with the Ridgid

              I went with the Ridgid and it works great.

              I don't understand the 45 and 135 degree bolt stops though. Seems like you would have to remove the 45 one to be able to use the 135.

              So far I am 3 for 3 with buying Ridgid.


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                I just purchased a Grizzly G0452 6" jointer and have been very pleased so far. I was looking at the Ridgid, but for a little more money I got more features including a built in mobile base and rack and pinion fence.


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                  If I had the money and shop space, I would buy this used one.



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                    Originally posted by mdshilli
                    I went with the Ridgid and it works great.

                    I don't understand the 45 and 135 degree bolt stops though. Seems like you would have to remove the 45 one to be able to use the 135.

                    So far I am 3 for 3 with buying Ridgid.
                    Page 45 of online manual says tilt top of fence towards front of tool for 45 and tilt top of fence back for 135.
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                      The jointer is one of ridgids best products. I've never heard anyone complain about it. I have one and after 3 years of use I've never had to do anything more than wax the tables. HD is having a 10% off sale either this weekend or on memorial day, good time to get one.
                      As a general rule stay away from craftsman. The hybrid has been the exception.


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                        I just bought a used JP0610. The bed got wet somehow and had numerous rusting spots. It cleaned up nicely using 0000 steel wool and Engine Bright. Then I cleaned that off with some carb cleaner. I can't feel any pits/roughness on the bed at all...I feel quite lucky.

                        My only (newbie) complaint about it is the sawdust collection, and I think I've solved it for the most part. I'm using a shop vac for DC, with an attached 5-gallon separator. I started out using 2 1/2" hose, with a 2 1/2"-4" adapter duct-taped to the JP0610's dust port. It plugged up consistently within a 1/2-dozen (thin) passes. I ended up moving the adapter to the separator (2 1/2"-2 1/2" duct-taped together), and ran a heavy-duty 4" metal foil dryer vent hose between the separator and the jointer dust port. That seemed to increase the volume significantly, and after a few passes it hadn't plugged up, and there was much less residual stuff up inside the dust chute.

                        It's much quieter running than I'd anticipated, but hearing protection is highly advised when running wood through it.

                        On a side note, I bought a cheap set of jumper cables, stripped the insulation off of them, and tie-wrapped them to the outside of the 2 1/2" hoses. I clamped one end to the shop-vac, the two middle ones together on the separator lid handle, and the fourth end to the wingnut on the jointer dust port. That seemed to eliminate the static on the hoses and the separator.
                        After I added the 4" hose, I attached the 2 1/2" hose ground clamp to the 4" metal hose clamp on the 2 1/2"-4" adapter.