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Ridgid Planer Issue

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  • Ridgid Planer Issue

    I have a 13" benchtop Ridgid Planer, I've had it for 4 years now, and its worked great up to last week. I started running boards through, cutting about 1/32nd" off, and the boards were stopping in the middle of being planed. As far as I could tell, the rollers and the blades were still moving. First time I encountered this issue. I checked, the tables, they were set parrelllel per the instructions. Any other reason this would have happened? It stalled on boards as small as 3' long and as long as 8' long. Material was Walnut and oak.

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    Sounds like your rollers need cleaning. I don't own the Ridgid planer but I'm betting that the cleaning instructions are in your owners manual.
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      I just ran about 450 ft of pine thru mine and experienced the same thing.As badger dave said as soon as i cleaned the rollers up it was buisness as usual heres a quote from the manual:

      Sawdust buildup and other debris can cause the tool to plane
      inaccurately. Periodic cleaning and waxing is needed for
      accurate, precision planing.
      Do not allow sawdust to accumulate on the planer. Clean the
      dust chute after each use. Moving parts should be cleaned
      regularly with penetrating oil and lubricated with a light
      coating of medium-weight machine oil.
      Paste wax should be applied to the planing table surface to
      ease the movement of workpieces across it. Paste wax can
      also be used on infeed and outfeed support surfaces but be
      careful not to use so much that it will be absorbed into the
      wood and interfere with staining.
      Check feed rollers after each use for resin buildup because
      they must be clean to be effective. If buildup occurs, use a
      mild, nonflammable tar and pitch remover.

      Hope this helps



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        Re: Planer Problem

        Thanks, guys. I'll try cleaning th erollers before I use it again.


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          Don't forget to wax the tables.
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