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  • ShortCuts

    Today is the Queen's Birthday (Queen Victoria that is) but it is a tradition to celebrate our current queen, Queen Elizabeth ll's birthday on the same day as Victoria. In any event, it is a holiday and a long weekend.
    We have an interesting view on the "screw" by a Canadian that wrote a book on the subject and we have a 'step saver' tested as well as a woodshop staple. Enjoy.

    Graham McCulloch

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    Well Happy Birthday to the Queen. I enjoyed my visit to your site. I've been wondering about my next shop addition, and your article on the Ridgid drill press has me leaning that way. One question though. You mention the ability to make the tool lefty friendly. If a lefty is using the tool, would he be working the levers with his left hand and positioning the work piece with his right?


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      ShortCuts - Ridgid Drill Press

      Hector, you bring up a good point. It is nice to be able to control the drill press either left or right handed. It also makes sense to lower the quill with the left hand (for righties) and secure your workpiece with the right hand. Conversely, the opposite for lefties.


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        Well Graham. The old noodle isn't working good tonight, or maybe I'm thinking with the wrong side of my brain. Let me run this by you.

        When I use a power hand drill, I hold it in my left hand and position the stock with my right. I would think that when I run a drill press that I would continue to position the stock with my right hand because that's what I'm used to. Does that make me an a$$-backward lefty?


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          ShortCuts Ridgid Drill Press

          Hector, no it doesn't make you a lefty neccessarily but I find this a strange way of using a portable drill. There is more skill and accuracy required in the use of a portable drill than there is in just pulling the quill levers on a drill press. If using the drill with your left hand is comfortable for you then by all means continue that way. I guess that either way, being ambidexterous would be a helpful asset.