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  • nailing crooked

    I just purchased a Rigid framing nailer and it it shooting the 3" nails (.131,half head) in at an angle - or crooked. I also have a Rigid finish nailer and have not had problems with that one. Please advise!! Thanks!

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    are the nails going in crooked or are they bending over befor going into the wood.

    two things that come to mind are ; not enough preasure (use the max recomended by the gun) or improperly loaded nails

    make sure when you laod two racks of nails that they lay corectly at the juntion point. the first nail in the second rack should lay under the last nail in the first rack so it looks just like the nails at mid rack. some times it is necisary to trim the colator (the paper or plastic that holds the rack together) or just load one rack at a time.

    due to quality control this problem my appear and disapear, expecialy from box to tbox of nails


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      With the finish nailer, the full length of the base sets on the surface of the wood being nailed. Framing nailers are angled and only the tip sets on the wood. Are you holding the whole bottom of the nailer on the wood, this would shoot the nails in at an angle.
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