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Best ceiling-mounted dust zapper?

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  • Best ceiling-mounted dust zapper?

    OK, guys, let's hear some testimonials for the best ceiling-mounted dust-buster that will handle a one-person, 500 sq ft shop. Dust-makers include TS, planer, 6 x 48 belt sander, the usual assortment of small sanders, etc. But since there is only one of me, only one tool will ever be operational at any given moment.

    This is a new shop for me (we are moving), and I'll be putting in a 1.5 HP regular dust collector, but I really want (NEED) to do away with that fine stuff that hangs in the air. I'm working with a lot of exotic woods now (Koa, mango, euclayptus, African mahogany, etc.), and some of them are getting to me.

    Cost is a consideration, but health concerns come first this time. It's the end of an era for my shop-vac dust collection!

    Your thoughts are appreciated.
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    Originally posted by hiloguy
    I'm working with a lot of exotic woods now (Koa, mango, euclayptus, African mahogany, etc.), and some of them are getting to me.
    They're not only getting to you, they're slowly killing you!!
    I recommend that you get a quality respirator (the kind with replaceable filter cartridges).
    Also a downdraft table for the hand sanders.
    I have the Jet 1100 air filter with remote and it works great.
    Also, when you get your DC get the finest mesh filters you can. I would recommend no bigger than 1 micron.
    Those exotic woods are nothing to sneeze at!
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      I have the Jet AFS-1000B in my shop and it does an excellent job.

      In your case, your 500 sq. ft. shop with say 8' ceiling would give you about 4000 cu. ft. of space. To filter all the air in the the shop 6 times in an hour you'll need a unit that is capable of moving 400 CFM which the AFS-1000B is capable of doing at it lowest speed setting. At its highest speed setting you'll be able to move 1044 CFM.

      Smaller units, such as the Jet AFS-500, will satisfy your need if run at their highest speeds only but, IMHO, I would much rather err on the side of overkill when it comes to taking care of my lungs.

      BTW, you don't necessarily have to mount these things from the ceiling. I now have mine sitting on a shelf near the ceiling but for a long time I just had it sitting on top of a table/cabinet. I noticed no difference in performance when I moved it to its current higher location.
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