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rigid R1060C vs. Freud LU82M010 saw blade

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  • rigid R1060C vs. Freud LU82M010 saw blade

    I am contemplating the purchase of one of these 2 blades for general usage on my Craftsman 10" 3hp table saw.
    Any suggestions on which would be the better blade for all pupose use would be appreciated.


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    I've had both of these blades. The LU82 is from Freud's Industrial line which I typically find to be made to a slightly higher standard than the Ridgid blade. Regardless of build quality, in the LU82's case, my impression was that the LU82 didn't cut as cleanly as most of the other good blades I've also has a full kerf which is tougher on the motor, unless you're saw is a true 3hp cabinet saw....Craftsman often overstates many of their motors, so that's worth consideration. The LU82 does have TCG teeth that are very durable....handy if you're cutting alot of mdf or laminate flooring, otherwise I think I'd pass on it. The Ridgid was pretty good. It's made by Freud and is slightly better made than their Avanti and Diablo lines IMO.

    Freud makes an LU88 60T from their Industrial line that I think is better than cuts cleaner, rips more efficiently, and is fairly versatile for general purpose the thin kerf body makes it easier on the saw. This is the one I kept...great choice for working with good hardwoods....I'm also a happy owner of a Forrest WWII, but it's more expensive. You'll find the LU88 has larger teeth than the Ridgid and a steeper hook angle for more efficient ripping. $50 delivered from Amazon. I'd still consider adding a 24T ripper for really thick stock.

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      I’m glad to see the recommendation for the LU88R010; I needed a thin-kerf crosscut blade to complement my thin-kerf ripping blade so I ordered one last weekend. Costal Tool has it for $39, they charge shipping but I already had an order going on some other stuff with them that they had the best price on and I noticed the blade and thought it was a decent price so I decided to throw one of them in.



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        I was pleasantly surprised with the versatility and impressed with the cut. I wasn't surprised that it crosscut well, but I was surprised at the way it rips through 1" hardwood....I seriously think they should list it as a general purpose blade. Hopefully you'll like yours as well as I do...let me know!


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          Thanks for the advice people!!!!! It is great to hear from those who have both the experience and expertise in woodworking.
          Sure makes things easier for an amatuer like myself.....

          Once again, thanks.
          P.S. I bought a Frued on the advice you gave me


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            I got the Freud L88 last winter during their big Freud sale, and gotta admit....I'm impressed.