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Cutting slots in slats

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  • Cutting slots in slats

    I'm now part of the Ridgid family with my new table saw. I've been having a blast ripping boards and making little things. Now I'm on my first large (well, semi large) project and I'd like some advice.

    I'm building a sandbox for my kids (8'x10') and I want to run some slats over the top of it for shade. I was wondering what any of you thought about cutting each slat with a 2 inch deep slot to fit along a 2X6X12' boards running cross the front and back. Would I use a dado to cut those slots or a router? Or is there another way?

    Also, it would seem like a cool idea to use all biscuits instead of screws, but would screws hold better?

    Thanks again! I'm really enjoying this forum!

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    Since this is outdoor construction I would suggest you abandon the biscuit idea. I would suggest a polyurathane glue or other water proof glue and lag bolts. If the glue happens to fail the roof won't collapse on the kids.
    Along the outdoor construction lines where there is going to be a great deal of expansion and contraction I would not get real fancy on cutting the slots. I would line all the boards up and clamp them together and cut each side of the slot with a skill saw then wack the centers out with a hammer and clean them up a bit with a chisel