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2930 router table adapter

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  • 2930 router table adapter

    It seems that the r2930 router base does not match my existing router table. I have looked at other adapter plates and not found one that matches the hole pattern with the through the table capability. Anyone out there find an adapter that works off the shelf?

    Thanks Tim
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    Found it

    Looks like Woodcraft had the answer. The BenchDog plate and the (and I hope I spell this correctly) Rousseau (I think that is the correct name) plates both fit with one minor adustment. On each one the Porter-Cable hole set lines up for mounting the base. I just had to turn the base to figure out which hole line-up allowed me to drill a 'through the table adjustment' hole that did not interfere with any of the other pre-existing holes. I went with the Bench Dog because there was a cleaner (to me) spot to drill the hole. Both were the same size and price was close enough to say no dif. The Bench Dog was phenolic, the other looked like clear acrylic/lexan. It's back up and running, works great.