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Are there Moulding knives for the TS-3650

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  • Are there Moulding knives for the TS-3650

    Hi, I have the Rigid TS 3650 table saw. I thought I had read somewhere that this saw is capable of cutting profiles in wood. Are there moulding knives for this saw available? if so, how many are available and where can I see them? What is the cost? I can't seem to find ANY information about this. I'm in Nashville, Tn. USA


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    Look here for AC2008


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      I use a Sears P/N 93217 seven" molding set (came with 8 different profiles and I bought another one for tongue & groove), but I've had it for years and don't know what the current offer is. It works fine (made my own ZCI for it). It has hi-speed steel cutters, tho, and they will need occasional flattening on the back side of the cutters as they will dull fairly quickly on hard woods.
      If you buy the Sears models, make sure you put the spacer washer against the arbor shoulder to move the cutters out away from the left side of the insert hole. The cutters are 1" wide and are centered on a 1/2" thick holder, so they have to be moved out from the shoulder 1/4" to clear the cast iron top. After installation, make sure you spin it by hand to ensure everything clears when it spins. As long as the bushing which aligns the blade holder and offset washer does not exceed 3/4"., it will fit the TS3650 arbor.
      Another note of caution: Moulding heads take a lot of wood with each swipe. First, they can launch a board back at you hard enough to go through a metal garage door, so use feather boards and anti-kickback protection and do not get in front of the board. Second: take small cuts, gradually raising the blade (1/8" deep at a pass).
      If you are planning on doing a lot of moulding work, look at carbide cutters as a last resort. The first resort would be to by a shaper, which is designed to do this type of work. Second resort would be a heavy duty (3 hp) router, 1/2" shank capable witha sturdy router table.

      My $.02
      Practicing at practical wood working


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        Originally posted by wbrooks

        Thanks for the link and also the info about the sears model. I've looked all day and they don't make the Ridgid AC2008 Molding head any longer, or the 7" dado insert. I think they do carry the 8" insert. I was told by a Ridgid technician that ANY molding head with a 5/8" arbor would work, as long as I also get the Dado insert for the clearance of 13/16 . Does this sound right? I have no experience in molding heads, so I don't know. I have now found a Delta thick moulding head and have seen the Craftsman thin moulding head. My guess is that the thicker wobbles less? Is one any better than the other, in your experienced opinion? I've seen many cutters that will fit the Craftsman... can you use the same cutters on the Delta? The Delta costs about $110 with 4 sets of knives. Found none on Ebay. Many Craftsman on Ebay with up to 8 sets of knives for under $40.00 . What do you think the reasoning is, behind this? I just want to be sure to choose correctly? Delta knives are about $20 per set. You could get Craftsman or repros of the Craftsman all day for $7 - $9.00 ! Any difference between the blades? Please try and post the brand you prefer... and maybe a loctaion where this can be purchased?

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