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  • Woodcraft Classes??

    Anyone ever take classes at their local Woodcraft retail outlet? I'm looking for opinions on whether they are worthwhile in regards to, knowledge gained? cost? Any other woodworking educational opportunities that you've tried? Good or bad.

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    I've yet to take one of their courses but my wife has taken a couple of scroll saw classes and was very pleased with them. They do seem to be a little on the pricey side but, at least at the Woodcraft here, they do limit class size to ensure you get enough one on one attention.
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      I took the Intro to Woodworking not too long ago. It was a great class, and I even have a beautiful book holder that I made!

      I'd recommend their classes to anyone.
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        Thank you both. I know there is a General Woodworking class coming up within a month or so. I think I'll look into it.


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          I recently took a router basics class on a saturday from 10:00- 4:00 with a class of only 5 and I found it very good. the cost seemed a little high going in but being new to routers and router tables it was worth it, plus on the day of class they offer 10% discount on anything but equipment. The store in Orlando is where I went.
          Regards, Mike