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  • Rigid 12" SCMS

    Does anyone here have this saw & what is your opinion of it.

    With my CMS I have to keep a little to the right of the marked line instead right on it because when I start the saw the blade seems to flex toward the left have you noticed anything like this?
    I had bypassed looking at this saw because I really didn't like the big round table with no square ends to butt a shop built table system against but I am sure there is a work around for this. But today I looked at this saw wow the table is so easy to adjust & all the controls seem to work real good too.
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    Hmmm seems strange no one has this saw maybe its not such a good buy.


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      sorry VLL. I've looked at the Ridgid too. I still have my 10yr old Delta 12" CMS, and just can't justify $500 for a new saw...even a slider....
      I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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        We've used ours for a year or two. Would buy it again. We liked it in the store and we still like it. That's the key.


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          I have the Ridgid 12" SCMS and as you noted the controls and adjustments do operate very smoothly and hold their settings without any problems. I upgraded from a 25 year old Makita saw and have to say the technology has come a long way in that timeframe, although the Makita is still going strong after all this time.

          I think the biggest issue with this particular saw is the 'footprint' it requires if you are putting it into service inside a shop rather than on a jobsite. At the very minimum it requires 24" x 40" if you're backing it up against a wall and doing nothing but 90 degree crosscuts. That places the fence at 27" out from the wall. Swinging the saw to 45 degrees (or more) left or right adds roughly 8" to 12" to the footprint on either side to accomodate the sliding tubes in the full back position. It's a beast when it comes to physical size.

          Obviously the 12" blade with a 1" bore will set you back some money but I guess that's to be expected. I got above average results with the 60T blade that came with the saw and that only got better when I upgraded it to a CM12806115 Forrest Chopmaster.

          I've read a lot of comments about the Exactline Laser System, both good and bad, but I can't comment since I haven't got around to trying it out yet.

          Hopefully that gives you a little bit of information.



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            Thanks Guys.

            Jim I have 2 blades besides the one that came with my Craftsmen CMS. 1 is the blade I pretty much keep on the saw all the time it is a 96 tooth lifetime carbide blade from Harbor Freight. Believe it or not it makes nice clean cuts. The one I use for fine wood work is a 80 tooth Tenryu both have 1" arbor holes.

            Thanks Jim for the info. I posted to 6 tool forums & received 3 answers on 2 forums 1 from you & one thanks to Cobashco.
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