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    Originally posted by chAz15
    TGway stated above he let his dry for 2-3 hours, that makes me a little nervous, but thankfully it sounds like he hasn't had any problems.
    I wasn't very clear about the 2 - 3 hrs...that was between cleanings....I let it dry for a full day, (with a fan on in the garage), before applying the epoxy.

    I agree, the only trick appears to be "clean and dry"


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      Oh yeah Bob D. You are definitely correct in that my "new" concrete floor is probably spitting out more water than those who are painting a 2-3-? year old concrete slab, just because it's fresh crete...

      That's why my dry was so long. Looks nice though. Just finished up the edge work last weekend...

      Any of you had / have any information on the Coleman stuff over at Lowes. Cabnets / storage? It's a lot cheaper than the diamond plate stuff over at The Garage Store, I think the 7' x 4' locker is like $130, compared to over $600 for the insane stuff.

      It look nice, and the price is right, but wondering about durability. I'm not necessarily going to be throwing my tools at it, but some of the rubbermaid crap sucks and falls apart; but of course the price is reflective of such...

      Thought it looked pretty slick too...

      Or do I not mess around and just build my own... :P
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        Words of advice..... don't attempt to do this in Arizona in the summer. My friend started at 6am putting down the paint. By 6:40am he wished he never started. He got half a bay done and the paint was not be used anymore. He said it hardened up to fast........