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  • Dust collector modification

    I have used the HF 2hp dust collector for the past few months. It seemed to work fairly well in a multi machine set up. I used 4" PVC for longer runs and 4" clear flex hose where ever else possible, and a couple blast gates at the RAS and Table saw hook up. Shop was still too dusty. Figured this was because the bags were low end. So,I went all out and boughht the Jet canister retro kit. What a Difference!! Dust problem is gone! And the system appears to be a bit more powerful, and certainly more efficient. But, it is a bit louder. The HF unit with the retro kit still costs less than the complete Jet Unit.
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    Glad to hear that your upgrade is working out well for you. If you have other machines hooked up to the DC besides your TS and RAS, you could improve the performance even more by adding blast gates at those machines also.
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