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molding with tablesaw

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  • molding with tablesaw

    I am looking for a "sawblade" that I can use to make moldings with. I am trying to make casings with what would look like bead board. Long rounded groves running up and down. I have a vision in my head of a dado type blade with grooves so I could run the stock thru a couple of times and end up with finished moldings. I believe it is called fluted moldings.


    I hope I am explaining it so that you get the drift as to what I am trying to do

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    Like this? Sears 27732 holder and 2352 set of 3 knives


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      Yes that is it! Do you know the width and height of the groove and the overall width? Cost?

      Nice floor tile ;-)



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        Each 'flute' is 0.25" wide X 0.136" deep. The cutter is 1.00" wide. I have had this for around 15 years and got it on sale (never bought anything in my life from sears at full price) so I am not sure what the current price or availability is. Thanks for the comment on the floor tile, amazing what they can do with vinyl these days!
        Went hunting on the Sears US site and found it, Price is insane so it likely goes for 1/2 or less often

        BTW if you do get this the sound of it running will scare you and it should. With this more than any other blade you will ever use be CAREFUL. ALWAYS spin it by hand first when setting the depth of cut, place a hunk of wood flat on the table and watch or scribe the entire arc so you know where the high point is because it is not that intuitive. As with any blade never stand in line with the wood you are cutting and use feather boards. If this mule kicks and you are in the way you will be going to the hospital to have splinters removed and nuts reattached if you are tall. Take light passes and use push blocks like on a jointer.
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          saw molding

          The Sears molding thing get mixed reviews from woodworkers, some of whom fear for their lives when they use it. They are afraid of the cutters flying off, although I don't know if that has ever happened. The Magic Molder (Google it) is a better-quality device and also much more expensive.
          Joe Spear