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Router Table Extension Weight Too much?

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  • Router Table Extension Weight Too much?

    I am planning to make a router table extension and mount it on my 3612 using aluminum angles. The weight will be distributed between the two rails. I am planning to use two 3/4 MDF with laminate top and bottom and hardwood edging.

    My question is, do you think this is too much weight to be held up by the two rails? I certainly do not want to damage the rails and cause them to warp or something. What do you think? Any suggestions to lessen the weight?



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    I have a 3612 and added an extension to the right side of the saw. I removed the webbed part of the table and attached the router table to the table and the rails. Have had good luck so far. Attached is a pic on my Toolpage


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      Won, I have located my router table extension to the right also. However, i did not remove the cast iron web so it is way over on the right. I bolted it to the front and rear rails. I have the PC 7518 mounted there and thats one heavy router. To get to the point, No its not to much weight on one side. I have leaned on it tryin to get it to tip. Not a problem.
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        It depends a lot on the weight of the router. I wouldn't want to permanently mount a 3.25 hp router on the extension table you described, or really any table for that matter. Generally, it's a good idea to remove such routers, and probably any router, from the table when practical. That's quite a bit of weight concentrated in a small area of a relatively large unsupported area.


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          Is there a reason you can not add support legs or some form of base to your router table extension?


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            Desmo888, Not that I see. I've never mounted a router on an extension table, not because I don't think it's a good idea. My first router table was the small, portable Porter-Cable 698. I got it as part of a router kit that included the table along with the 691 fixed/plunge kit. I was planning to build a small cabinet with extensions on it for the table, but before I started the cabinet I was offered a great deal on a full-sized table, which I bought. But, I don't see any problem with mounting router on an extension table made of melamine, MDF, birch plywood, or any other stable material capable of holding the router. However, routers are heavy and all the weight is usally concentrated close to the center of the table. Regardless, how sturdy the leg support is, the area of the table is usually not supported. This becomes a potential problem with heavy routers and large tables. My suggestion is to remove the router from the table when you don't plan to use the router for some time. I do this with my table top, which has fairly solid leg support with a cabinet and a phenlic (spelling, sturdy plastic material) top. My table insert is removable (no tools required), so I simply remove the insert and router from the top and place them in the cabinet until I'm ready to rout again. The router is still attached to the insert, which I simply drop back into the hole. I have a P-C 7518, which weighs about 15-17 lbs and I don't like that much weight on my table top permanently.


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              P.S. I forgot a main point in my previous post. The reason I don't like to keep a router permanently mounted on a table top is out of fear that the table top will sag. Extension table mounted routers and cabinet mounted routers tops may be well supported, but yet develop a slight sag because of the concentrated weight of the router.