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TS3612 box weight?

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  • TS3612 box weight?


    After reading this forum and weeks of agonizing research, I finally decided to go for a TS3612.

    My Home Depot has it in stock but it's in the back and I could not take a look at the box. Can anyone tell me the rough weight and dimensions of the large box? I want to see if the $50 delivery is worth it...


    ps: this forum is amazing, thanks a lot to all the contributors...I'm a woodworking newbie but I hope I can contribute too at some point.


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    It's heavy at 268 pounds shipping weight. If you don't have a pick-up or SUV, you might want to investigate the truck rental that Home Depot provides. At my local Home Depot it is $19.00 for an hour and the truck has a lift gate. Cheaper than the $50.00 delivery charge. Also be sure to have a couple of friends at home to help you unload the saw and get it into your shop.


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      I bought a 2424 and two of the HD employee's loaded it into the back seat of my Impala. I unloaded it my self at home on to a furniture dolly.

      Spend the $50 on some AC1035 zero clearance inserts online form Ridgidparts

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        The delivery truck is actually $19 for the first 90 minutes...great deal! You can also get the staff to help load it up for you and then when you get to your house use the old end-over-end box moving technique...worked fine for me.

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          I've rented the HD truck several times and I never had a lift gate on it nor did I ever notice one on any of the rental trucks in the lot. I think my home depot (Everett,MA) has only flat beds, I'll check.

          If it fits in the back of an Impala, it'll fit in the back of my Golf (yes, I know "city boy" but don't laugh, I can fit 2x4 sheet good inside AND close the hatch (I've also had 12ft stock on the roof rack but that's another story

          I'll probably just rent the truck though and call a couple of buddies...




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            Well, the box for the saw isn't too large, but don't forget about the rails.

            As far as loading, HD did not help me, but I was able to lift it from the cart into my van with no problem. When unloading, I put it on my mechanics creeper & wheeled it where I wanted.

            In your case, renting the truck @ HD would probably be your best bet.



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              Last time I rented a truck from Home Depot, I had to wait a long time ("it's out right now"). Since then, I notice that U-Haul will rent one of their small trucks for about the same price, and they do reservations.



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                whatever you do, triple check to make sure you actually get a 3612. The Borg has both 2424's and 3612's with same SKU numbers. Also be advised, it's two boxes. One for the saw and one for the fence. And also triple check to make sure you get the right fence. The outside of the two boxes should be clearly marked, but it's real easy to overlook in the heat of battle with the orange aprons.

                Great saw though, you're gonna love it. I know I do.


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                  Also, the fence box might have both 2424 and 3612 on it. The correct one has 3612 on it, even though it might have 2424 on it too.

                  Clear as mud? [img]smile.gif[/img]



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                    Invest in a furniture dolly. I have moved a bandsaw, jointer and tablesaw all by myself within the last month. Just roll it off the truck or car and onto the dolly. You can wheel it where ever you need to go. It is a lifesaver for me. Best $20 dollars I ever spent.
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                      The $50 setup fee at our Home Depot is for them to assemble your saw, not to deliver it. Yours may be different, but seeing how our HD did the assembly, it would be worth $50 extra to NOT have them do it.

                      Setup will take several hours, but careful alignment at this point is well worth it.


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                        Originally posted by Charlie P:
                        The $50 setup fee at our Home Depot is for them to assemble your saw, not to deliver it.
                        No the $50 was for the delivery. I would NEVER let a Homedepot employee set up my saw (unless it was Norm dressed in orange



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                          Home Depot will assemble the saw for $50 as was posted above. In fact, they'll assemble most things for a fee. Not always a good job though.


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                            (unless it was Norm dressed in orange LOL
                            Andy B.