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  • TP 1300 Problem

    I have had my TP1300 for a couple of years now but have just started to use it on a reguler bases. and I am having problems with the feed rollers not coming in contact with the board to be planed unless I am making at least a 3/32 cut. If I am taking any less of a cut just barly touch the board, not enought to even hold the board down, this causes a roller coaster effect in the cut, and I am having to push the board threw. I have cleaned the rollers, took the side covers off looked for ajustments there are none. Changed the blades, Waxed the bed about 4 times, keep: the sawdust cleaned out. Please help what am I missing.

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    Try checking the thickness scale to make sure it is set right. Run a board and then measure the thickness and check that against the scale. The scale could be out of adjustment.
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      Scale is set right, if the cut is set for 1/8 inch, the board will just barley slide the head and that is also the only time the feed rollers come in contact with work piece. if the head is set up for a 1/16 cut, the rollers don’t touch the board. I have even thought about shimming the feed rollers down, it just kind of scares me to modify some thing like a planer. Even a hillbilly like me knows, them thar, blades turn mighty fast.


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        If the blades were not fully seated when installed at the factory or changed then they will protrude further than they should into the cut path which means that they protrude beyond the edge of the feed rollers causing the rollers not to grip the wood. When you remove the blades make sure that the blade slots in the cutter head are free of pitch and debris that may prevent the blades from fully seating. Failing that send it in for warranty service