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  • Dowling Jigs, What's Good

    I'm thinking of buying a dowling jig, but I'm not sure which jig to go with. My candidates (based on looking through Rockler catalog, etc.) are: Beadlock, Dowl Pro, and the Self Centering Dowling Jig. I'm leaning toward the Beadlock as being more versitile; it can do single dowls, the beadlock dowls, and subsitute for mortise and tenon joints. My next pick would be the Dowl Pro, except I did see a review that stated the drill guides are too short to control the drill alignment satisfactorily.

    Money is an issue as I probably won't be doing a great number of dowled joints. I already have a pocket screw jig that I've used quite successfully, but some times that hole is an issue.

    Any comments, feedback on these or other options.

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    the one i have is very old made buy rockwell/portercable about 30 years ago. it would clamp two borads together and as you spun the handle it wouls self aline for both borads so you would drill the hole into thesame spot on two borads with out having to reset the jig but since i have bught the biscut joiner i have only used it 2-3times
    9/11/01, never forget.