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    I just got the ridgid jointer. Any tips would be helpful durning the assenbally(sp).

    [ 12-27-2002, 11:23 AM: Message edited by: Andy B. ]
    Andy B.

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    First step is to check your local yellow pages and find a contortionist; you will see what I mean when you get about a third of the way through it. I assembled mine this morning and it took about two hours to assemble, I have yet to align it. The directions are pretty straightforward, just plan on spending a considerable amount of time on your knees. It was too cold in my shop for any kind of protective coating to adhere to the table and fence so I have yet to remove the preservative it was shipped with, thus I’m still waiting to align mine. Let me know if you find any tricks in the alignment process.

    Good Luck


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      OK, it's been awhile since I put mine together. They only part I can remember being a real PITA is getting the third bolt into the machine from the stand. It goes up via the dust shoot. No simple task as you will find out.

      As to the motor. DO NOT tighten the bolts up until you have everything put together. Let gravity tighten the belt. Works better than trying to tighten to spec with it mounted and using your hands.
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        When you get a chance, download the manual for the old JP0600. Read carefully the part about assembling the stand, fall to your knees, and yell toward the sky: "Thank you Ridgid, Thank you!!!"

        Obviously I can't give any tips. I made it through the JP0600, you can breeze through the JP0610...



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          After setting up my jointer according to the instructions, I noticed a rather loud vibration. After listening here and there, I found it to be coming from the discharge chute. So, I used some washers to help isolate the chute from the support stand and that reduced the noise. Has anyone else noticed this??

          My tools share a garage with lots of bikes, mowers, etc. so I mounted some casters where the levelers should be. Well, that did not work due to the center of gravity being toward the back of the jointer. It almost fell over. To correct this, I mounted a couple of 2 x 4s perpindicular to the table with about 6 inches extending to both the front and back of the jointer. Then I put the casters on and this is very stable. I can roll it around with no concern of a tip over and in use it is very stable. Hope this helps.

          Best regards,



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            Henry - I just put mine together yesterday, and I've not noticed any vibration problems.

            Assembly tips: if you're going to use a mobile base, put the stand on it before you place the jointer on top if you'll be doing it alone. Also, I built the stand and placed it upright before attaching the jointer since I was working alone and it was easier for me to do it that way. The tip on leaving the motor loose is another good one. Otherwise, it's pretty straightforward.


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              i did not have any problems or complaints on the general assembly of the machine. my problem was setting the blades. the instruction manual tells you to loosen the blade bolts and adjust the jack screws, then tighten the bolts. i found that if you snug the bolts first, then adjust the jack screws the blade doesnt slip when tightning



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                I was seting up the jointer today. Being yong I ran my finger across the kife. I wasn't cut to bad. My questine is on the outfeed table I unlock the table and trying to move the table down finding it really hard to. What should I do? There meatal shaves on the threads I'm going to clean that. Should I put WD-40 on the threads?

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                Andy B.


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                  Whomever has just bought the Jointer at $399, you lucky dogs. I have mulled over the decision for a week now, and all but two stores (out of about 8 in the area) were out. The stores that did not have them said $399, while the two that had it in stock said $449. When I spoke with the manager, I heard "they are no longer on sale". Since I saw a sign earlier in the day at another store for $399, I am pretty upset. (So was the guy who had to put away $300 worth of other stuff since I didn't want to buy anything after the manager treated me like garbage!)

                  To make matters worse, I was then told that the sale was for the old model??? I had no idea that there was just a model changeove in the last month. I really wish that Ridgid would sell through other vendors in addition to HD.


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                    That's exactlty what happened to me. I've been unable to get an answer from Ridgid either by phone or email as to why this thing is so tight. I'm not real strong but today I got on my knees an grabbed it with both hand. and it started to move.It then got easier but does not move smoothly like the infeed side. At any rate I did manage to get it adjusted pefectly and it works great, but I would still like Ridgid to explain.


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                      Did anyone have any experience with considerable vibrations or have any suggestions on eliminating them? I originally aligned the motor according to the manual and had a vibration and since that time I have twice tried the gravity method as suggested here and obtained similar results. The vibration does not seem to transfer up through the table assembly, just the stand. I finally got around to checking the alignment today and was impressed at how close it was straight from the factory. The outfeed table did not require adjustment but I tried to move it and it also took considerable effort to move as noted by Andy and Mark, this may be by design to keep it form moving while in use (just a guess). I made a mobile stand out of 2x4’s glued up butcher-block style, looks nice and functions well.


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                        Jake What should I do about the out feed table?
                        Andy B.


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                          I went back to Home depot today. The jointer on display is the same regarding the difficulty to move the outfeed table. I must assume that it is normal. Regarding vibration. My unit has NO vibration at all. Sounds like a Ferrari (PURR). I would think the vibration is a defect or a setup problem, although other than the belt I can't imagine what. What I'm concerned with is,that I tried to discuss these problem with some one at Ridgid. Two emails and two phone calls have been unanswered.. I'm not happy about that

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                            Jake I took off the knob on the outfeed table and notice that was rounded. There was enough to take a crestant wrench to move the table up.

                            [ 01-27-2003, 12:55 PM: Message edited by: Andy B. ]
                            Andy B.


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                              Is the knob rounded or the shaft itself? Either way you can call customer service and get a replacement. There are gibs on the out feed table that can be loosened to make it easier to adjust the table, but it you loosen those too much, you can cause play in the table.