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Upgrade 3650 Rail & Fence or Stay Stock

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  • Upgrade 3650 Rail & Fence or Stay Stock

    I have a TS3650 table saw in my shop that was in a terrable accident yesterday. I had a stack of plywood fall over and hit the saw on the very end of the main rail on the extended side. Nedless to say the rail is bent but it also crushed a couple of legs and crumpled the base a little. I have gotten the prices to replace the damaged parts but i was wondering if i should pay the $124.00 to replace the rails with the stock one's or if i should upgrade them and what should i upgrade them too? I was looking at a Biesemeyer pro version but @ about $400 is it that big of an upgrade from stock. I have herd alot of good things about the stock rail system.

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    I was just looking at the Bessie fence the other day. In my opinion, it's got some flaws. You can't easily replace the face material. Since it's a soft(ish) material, I can see it getting gouges and nicks and needing replacement. I'd rather stick w/the stock fence since I can always put a replacement fence on it using the t-tracks. The Bessie doesn't offer things like t-tracks.

    I don't have any idea about replacement rails, but I'm sure someone here will have some thoughts on that.
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Since the day the Ridgid TS's came out there have those who love the stock setup and those that don't. My personal opinion is that there is none better for the money. The detractors of the Ridgid fence system make many unfounded claims IMO. In 3+ years of use I have yet to experience my fence locking down at an angle nor has it ever moved once it is locked down. Oh yeah, and the plastic handle hasn't broken yet either!

      If you haven't done it yet, you might want to consider checking out ebay. There may well be a rail system for sale there at much less than $124.
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        As good as the Ridgid is within it's design class and materials, most folks prefer the Biese style. It's just a great, simple, rugged, reliable, accurate, and user friendly system IMO....Wood Mag's #1 pick two years ago.

        Not really a Biese clone, but Amazon has the Vega U26 for on sale $176 w/free shipping, the U50 for $209....great microadjuster... Wood Mag's "best buy". They also have the Jet Exacta 2 Fence (a good Biese Commercial clone with easily removable faces) on sale for $237 delivered....that'd be my choice....what a deal. Steel rails are strong like bull. So essentially for $110 more than the aluminum stock replacement rails, you can get the equivalent of the industry standard Biese. You could also sell the Ridgid fence to offset now we're talking more like ~ $50-$60 difference.

        FWIW, I've owned a Biese for 3-1/2 years and the faces look new. Two years ago it fell off the saw to a concrete damage. Considering the large number of Biese fences in use, I rarely hear of someone needing to replace them, and it doesn't appear to be a tall task to laminate a piece of sheet material if the time ever comes.
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          For that price, I'd definitely go with one of several upgrades. They don't all cost as much as a Biesemeyer.

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            Here's a link to a used fence and rail set from a 3612 from someone who upgraded to a biesemeir.


            I'd do the upgrade personally.


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              Have you looked at the Rockler tablesaw fence? But it's still ~$229.00
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                Here's one from JoinTech for ~$159.00.
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                  I picked up this saw a few months ago and am very satisfied with the stock set up. This is my 4th TS , delta, craftsman royobi and now ridigid. I'd spend the 124 for the original fence.


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                    I saw this over at WoodNet and thought you might be interested.
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                      $124 for aluminum rails isn't much a deal. If you replace with a steel Biese clone, you shouldn't have to worry about damaging them again.


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                        TS3650 Fence Question

                        Does anyone know if Ridgid makes extension rails to extend from 36" to 48" or longer?