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Newb question on my TS2400ls

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  • Newb question on my TS2400ls

    Hi this is my first post on this board, but I have been searching this site for some time to see if someone had the same question. I have a TS2400LS table saw and is looking to see what dado works best with it, or if you can tell me what to look for when buying a dado blades.

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    Welcom bk. I think that any STACKED dado set that you can sfford will work for you. Some say that the freud is a good set, but I have a set that I bought at Lowes that works just fine. I can't remember the brand, but I only paid $50.

    Again welcome and keep the posts coming.


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      There are two types of dado sets.

      Wobble dado-
      A wobble dado head is a single blade set a an angle to make a dado. The wobble is cheap, but dose leave a arc in the bottom of the dado cut. Some portable table saws can not use a wobble dado head.

      Stack Dado-
      A stack dado has two outside blades. To make a wider cut you would put chippers a blade with fewer teeth than an out side blade. A stack dado cost more and leaves a flat bottom cut.

      All dado head set come in different sizes some of the most common sizes are 6",7",8". Now you need to ask yourself how deep of a cut do you plan to make?

      A 6"dado can cut up to a 1.25" deep cut.
      A 8"dado can cut up to a 2.25" deep cut.
      some websites for you are

      The other one is Cmt.
      You will ned a dado inesrt for the tablesaw.

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      Andy B.