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  • Help with stain finish

    I used a Minwax natural oak stain yesterday on a bench I built this week. It's been 24 hours so I went to the basement this afternoon to give it a wipe with a dry cloth, and I noticed that the finish is still tacky and (if the light hits it right) it appears there are some faint spots. The spots kind of disappear if I give it a good rub -- I can actually rub some of them out. Other spots are being a little more difficult (again, they are only noticeable if you're looking for them in the right light).

    Since the basement seems humid today, I brought the bench upstairs to an air conditioned room and put a fan to blow on it.

    My next step is to do a wipe on finish, but I'm wondering how long I should wait and if I should do anything about those spots (like steel wool)?

    Your thoughts are appreciated. This project came out beautifully and I don't want to mess it up in the final steps!

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    I can't give you any useful advice about the dry time, except maybe to wait a little longer. I can comment on the light patches. I frequently see that effect when there is some discrepency in the finish. For instance if you did not sand the project evenly. Those can be hard to fix. If the problems are not overtly noticable, you might want to leave them. Some times the fix can be worse than the problem.

    Good luck.