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Looking at a new TS3650

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  • Looking at a new TS3650

    I am looking at the 3650 and have read alot about it here with an open mind, Have the arbor issues been adressed and is there a visual inspection at the store to determine that it is a new style ? Alot of what I have read seemed a year or so old. Thanks for the help

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    Mike: Yes, the arbor issues have been resolved. Do a search for 3650 arbor and you will find some pics that show both arbors. A quick look in the box will show if the saw has the old arbor. (I doubt if there are any left around) The issue was only an issue if you are using certain dado sets--mine work fine with the "old" arbor. Ridgid sent me a new one, but it is in the drawer because I don't have a problem with my dado set.
    Jim P.S. You will love the saw!


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      Thanks Jim, This is a great site !
      Mike Bruns


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        As Jim said, the arbor issue is pretty much a non-issue now. I believe its going on 14 months now since any saws have been shipped with the bad arbors.
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          Arbor, Schmarbor!

          Just for the record, my TS3650, purchased end of May, '06, had the "old arbor."
          I use my Freud dado set on it all the time and have never had a problem. Matter of fact, I've looked at trying to figure out how I could create a problem with it if I tried, and no deal. The first piece of the dado set is 1/8" thick, so it spaces out the first chipper past the so-called problem area.

          Your chances of getting a say with the "old arbor" are distinctly remote, and even if you do, it doesn't matter. How can you beat a deal like that?

          It's all good!

          The TS3650 is a terrific piece of equipment!
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