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old 12" miter saw

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  • old 12" miter saw

    Hello everyone,
    I have an old style 12" compound MS that I fear has a bad motor. It groans pretty bad at start up. I just contacted my local HD store and was told I would have to leave it and they would send it out for repair. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I was told when I bought it that if it breaks just bring it in and we'll give you a new one on the spot. If I do indead win this battle is the new saw any better or worse than the old one? will I be giving up anything by going to the new style?

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    Unfortunately, your local Home Depot store was dead wrong. I work in hardware at my local HD, and to my understanding, they should have replaced your saw with the new 12" laser model, and given you a receipt showing that you returned an old model saw under the lifetime warranty. Since you purchased the original saw under a full lifetime warranty, this warranty carries over to any replacement tools given to you.