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  • Jointer Blade Wedges

    I have a question about proper installation of the blade wedges in the cutter head of my JP06101 Jointer. The first time I changed blades, the lock screws on the blade wedges were so tight I had to extend the supplied 8mm wrench to get enough leverage to get them loose. The threads were damaged a bit, but managed to live through half a dozen blade changes, during which I never tightened beyond what was possible just with the supplied wrench.

    The threads are now shot, and I obtained replacement wedges and screws. Before installing them, I had a fresh look at the manual to make sure I got everything right. The top diagram on page 22 appears to show the wider, or completely flat, side of the wedges against the blades. Now I’m confused, because my machine originally came with the ridged, or slightly narrower, sides of the wedges against the blades and the lock screws in the slightly wider flat side. The diagram on page 22 does not show either side as having ridges along the edges.

    My question: Do the flat or ridged sides of the wedges go against the blades? Or does it not matter?