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Setting Up TS3650

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  • Setting Up TS3650

    I have recently purchased and setup a TS3650, I am very pleased with this saw, however I would like to improve the parralellism between the blade and the fence. Can anyone tell me the best way to accomplish this?

    Also, what brand of wax is best to use? I cannot find any that don't contain silicone......


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    The quickest way to setup your 3650 is to carefully follow the instructions in your Owners Manual. Taking your time and excersising patience are important elements in the procedure.

    Johnsons Paste Wax is a very popular nonsilicone wax. Although in some climates it's not that effective at preventing rust it does a good job making the saw top slippery. For rust prevention Boeshield T-9 and Bostik TopCote both receive high marks.
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