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  • Looking for Drawer Pulls

    I found some decent nickel drawer pulls on ebay for 1.40 a piece. Do any of you know of a better source to look for drawer pulls. I refinished my entire kitchen and need new hardware. Rocklers and the like are around 4-6 bucks per drawer pull. a little rich for my blood.



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    Josh, I didn't get a chance to check their prices but if you're looking for quality, check out Lee Valley,

    There are other sources but I usually start at Lee Valley whenever I'm looking for something. It's a great company and they wrote the book when it comes to customer service.
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      I don't remember if it was HD or Lowe's (maybe both) but when I was looking for nickel pulls they had some contractor packs with 10 pulls for $20 that they put on sale occasionally for $10, or $1 per pull. They were a good quality, heavy weight pull. They won't ever be featured in an art museum for design, but they have been more than servicable.



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        IKEA has a lot of pulls that others don't carry, and a good place to find "brushed metal" anything. These are only $0.33 each:



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          i 2nd the IKEA nomination.

          some things they are good for and some things..........


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            When I remodeled my kitchen the wife and I went around looking pulls and handles to find the one we both liked. We agreed on one sold at Lowes, but they were a bit spendy and no contractor packs. I called the company that makes them and they allowed me to order direct and at a MUCH lower cost. Only mistake I made was Lowes sold them individually 1 at a time and the manufacturer sold them in packages of 2 which I did not realize when ordering and ended up with twice as many as we needed!!! I still came at a lower price than what the original required number would have been at the store and now use the leftovers in projects if they are suitable.

            Just a a thought.....WWS
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