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  • Alignment tool question

    Howdy All!

    I just bought the TS2400LS portable table saw, and I love it. Just perfect for my needs, and you can't beat pulling the saw out onto the patio and grilling up some brats in between cuts! The size of the table is great, and the sliding extension table is solid with a great moveable tape. The only downside so far has been the fact the it came out of the box (visibly) misaligned. The blade wasn't parallel to the miter slots, the fence wasn't parallel, 45 and 90 degrees were off on the blade and the miter guage, you name it. I've been able to get some things roughly aligned, but I'm afraid to use the saw much until I can get everything parallel.

    I know you can buy an alignment tool/jig that will get everything whipped into shape in a few minutes (I'm favoring the TS Aligner Jr). I also know you can get the same results from a board with a brass screw, and some trial and error. I don't mind spending a weekend to get everything perfect, but, to be honest, I wouldn't want to do it more than once.

    My question is this:
    Is my 2400 going to hold alignment as it bumps its way out of my garage (which is destined to hold cars only), over the lawn and onto my patio?
    Or should I go ahead and buy a commercial jig now, while it can still save me some time with the initial setup, and will allow me to align the saw quickly before every job? I'm planning on doing some projects where accuracy will be important, and I would hate to get something assembled and have everything out of whack.

    Finally, thanks to all of you who contribute to this forum--I've gotten so much good info, and I know I can always find an answer to any of my newbie questions. I'd especially like to thank MSchenker for his in-depth review of the 2400 vs the Bosch 4000. THANKS!


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    My 2400 Holds Its Alignment

    I've had my TS 2400 for over a year now. I have to move it around my garage or out onto the driveway to use it. It has held its alignment for that full time. I'm a bit surprised to hear your saw was so far out of alignment. Mine only needed some small tweeks to get it zeroed in.

    Although I don't need to drag mine very far, it is my impression that once aligned it will hold the alignment until you mistreat it - badly.

    Enjoy the saw. My suggestions are to invest in 1 or more high quality blades (I went with Freuds) and consider an after market miter gauge (I've now gotten the Incra 1000). I've also added a router table insert into the opening in the table with the table expanded, its pretty handy to have and the rip fence serves as a foundation for the router fence.