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  • DC plugup!

    Having a bit of a sticky wicket old chaps...

    My shavings from my jointer keep plugging up at the blower entrance of my HF DC. There is a cross member there that causes things to pile up.

    Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what did you do to get rid of it?
    Would it be advisable to cut out the cross member in the opening?
    Yoroshiku onegai shimasu

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    Mine seems to be ok. What crossmember? I don't get 100% of the chips through the DC. There's always a small pile of chips below the jointer. I just use the shopvac and clean em up.
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      I recall reading a similar post awhile back, but I believe it was concerning a Delta DC, but that was the common consensus buy all is to just cut the bar out, without the safety device you will have to be extra diligent to remember to shut off the DC prior to sticking your hand in the fan blade.



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        This question about the crossmember has come up before, at the WoodNet site I believe. At that time the general feeling was to go ahead and cut the crossmember out of the housing. IIRC, several people reported that after doing that the dust plugging up the intake problem went away. As far as I know, nobody reported that cutting out the crossmember caused any problems.
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          It may also be there to keep larger blocks of wood out of the impeller as well as fingers. If your hose falls off the jointer and into your scrap cutoff pile your DC will be toast. You could always add a separator in-line like these,42401&ap=1
          to minimize the risk


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            That's what i was thinking...

            Thanks guys!
            That's kinda what i was thinking too. I will probably remove the cross from the opening.
            I was worried about what could happen to the impeller if something got in there but the seperator is a good idea wbrooks.

            Alright then. That's what i will do. Thanks everybody!
            Yoroshiku onegai shimasu


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              Those seperators are on sale at woodcraft now. I have been thinking about getting one. My dust collector accumulates stuff at those cross bars. usually it is a large piece that gets caught and then plugs up. the dc loses a lot of suction, and I take the outlet off and clean it out after I unplug the power cord of course. I too think the cross bar is there to keep big pieces from destroying the impellar.


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                Originally posted by nobunaga-sama
                but the seperator is a good idea wbrooks.

                Alright then. That's what i will do. Thanks everybody!

                Ah so grasshopper. "Someone" recommended the seperator months ago when you first asked about DC's. Looks like the pebble in my hand is safe for now.

                Master Lorax
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                  I have lost face!

                  ahhh, this unworthy apprentice is ashamed.
                  It is true. The master did tell me to get the seperator before.
                  I had not done so because most of my cutting had been light and it didn't seem necessary (yet).

                  I bow before my master and ask for his forgiveness...
                  Yoroshiku onegai shimasu


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                    Second the separator suggestion

                    I want to second the suggestion of adding a separator ahead of the DC. Bless her soul, my wife gave me a Jet 650C DC, a Woodcraft separator cover, and a 30 Gal metal trash can for my birthday. I am amazed that, when connected to either the jointer or planer, the separator catches over 95% of the chips. I've dressed over 50 BDFT of rough Ash and the catch bag on the DC has less than one QUART of dust!