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Uneven concret Floor

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  • Uneven concret Floor

    I am setting up Shop in an old Garage with a floor the was just sloped in. I am wondering if their is a way to even it out without Tearing it up and pouring a new Slab.
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    you can put down a wood floor . or there are some skim coating products out there that will work .

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      Skim Coats

      If you do decide to go with a skim coat, make sure you clean the existing floor THOROUGHLY before application. That means wash with hot water and a degreaser and preferably with a power washer. if you don't have a power washer, check with a buddy at work or a neighbor. Usually you can find someone who will lend you a power washer for an afternoon. All too often, they end up sitting in a garage getting pitiful little use. If that fails, rent one.
      Depending upon the product, they may then recommend etching the old, existing concrete. That means putting down muriatic acid. Best applicator is a plastic sprinking can, but use the shower head, not a pouring spout. You let the acid sit for awhile (read the directions on what they recommend, but its usually like 15 minutes to a half hour. Then you rinse it off thoroughly with lots of running water. Squeegy off the excess and or use a shop vac on wet setting to dry it off. If you have heavy heavy grease or oil stains, you may have to repeat process. The skim coats won't bond if grease and oil are present. The product may also specify a bonding agent be used before the skim coat is applied. Abatron Inc, ( in Kenosha, WI is supposed to make about the best resurfacer called AboCrete. Elmers and ReadiCrete also have similar resurfacing and bonding agents. Hope this helps some, Jim Don


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        I've discovered a 2 x 2 ft, treated wood block floor this is just about perfect for concrete floors. You can also buy "leveling" blocks to help even the floor out if it is in really bad condition. The blocks are treated ply, with a raised PVC underside that seal out any mosture and yet allows for ventilation. The edges are tongue and groove so they go together nicely. These are about $6 a block, so perhaps a bit on the expensive side.

        The brand "Dri-Core" ( is sold at Home Depot and Lowe's has another brand that is similar. I plan on using these in my basement shop to minimize any moisture from the concrete and also figure they will be much easier on the legs.



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          First Step!

          Thank you for the info I will look into those solutions and let you guys know what I found.
          "You see we are Dumb but we are not so Dumb. It takes great thinking and work to keep from working" (Bill cosby - Himself)