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    My 1976 Rockwell table saw finally went "belly up" and is not worth the cost to have the motor rewound. I'm looking at the Ridgid 3650 and the Delta 36-980 (at Lowe's).

    I've read most of the postings here relating to the 3650 as well as a couple of evaluations from woodworking publications. Without question, it is an excellent piece of equipment. My problem is that I cannot find any evaluations on the Delta to compare and make a competent decision.

    I make pieces of furniture occasionally as a hobby - mostly from cherry, laminates and occasionally, pine. Any comments, recommendations, suggestions or experiences would be greatly appreciated.


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    Mostly, the two saws are similar. I compared the operation of the Delta T2 fence with the Ridgid and judged the Ridgid to be much easier to use. The Ridgid also comes with a very convenient mobile base that costs extra on the Delta. These two issues tipped the scale in favor of the 3650 and I have never regretted my decision.


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      The ridgid mobile base works better than the Delta, and comes standard with the saw (1 point Ridgid).
      The fence on the Ridgid is, imo, better than the Delta (1 point Ridgid).
      The rest of things being equal, these 2 points put the decision to Ridgid's 3650 in my book. I've been more than happy with it since I got it. I love the fact that unless I'm cutting large panels, the saw can stay pretty well out of the way, and yet it's easy enough to move around. The Hercu-Lift really works well.

      That saw has since cascaded into a pile of orange tools in my shop. I'm very happy with all of them. The lifetime warranty really seals the deal on them. I've yet to have to use it, but I'm glad I have it!
      I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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        Don't forget that the Ridgid has a 36" rip capacity to the right of the blade while the Delta only has 30" The Ridgid's blade guard setup is nicer and the 3650 also weighs in 50lbs heavier than the Delta..
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          INTELLICON - Welcome to the Ridgid forum . I don't own the Delta model but have looked at the 980 and had a 680 in the shop for a couple of weeks, so I'll try to at least give some basic info on it, and clarify a couple of errors. The Delta 36-980 is fairly new out so it's logical to find less info on it. It does offer a built in mobile base, and is left tilt. Delta actually offers 6 versions of this new contractor saw with varying wing materials (steel or cast iron), and 4 fence choices fence, the T2, Unifence, and Biesemeyer at different price points. The T2 is similar in design to the Biese with lighter duty steel. They list the weight as 234# for all 6 models regardless of wing or fence choice, so that doesn't appear to be a reliable weight that I'd put any stock in. The 36-680 that was delivered to the house weighed in at about 300#, so I'd assume that a new model with same fence and wing options (36-980) would weigh about that plus the weight of the mobile base....maybe 315#. If you need more ripping capacity, it's simple to slide the rails to the right with the T2 and the Biese....don't know about the Unifence.

          I found the mobile base on the Delta to work extremely well and has larger wheels . It looks like a cinch to install. I didn't find anything on the saw to not be impressed with except the stock blade...which is very common....don't know why they waste our time with those. I don't recall what the splitter was like. HTH.
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            New Saw

            Thank you all for your comments and experiences. I guess now all I need is a trip to HD!!

            I'll let you know how it deals with the cherry kitchen island my wife has planned to christen the new 3650!

            Thank you again.