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  • BS1400

    I just purchased my BS1400 in Feb 2004 and made my first cuts with it and it seemed to lack the power that I thought it should have. What do you think? belt to lose or is that all the power they have. I've only had one other bandsaw and it was a sears 12" and it didnt have that problem.

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    Take the blade that came with it and hang it on your wall. Go to the store and buy a new high quality one. If you can do not get it at Home Depot or Lowes, but go to woodworking supply company (e.g. Rockler Woodcraft etc.). I have the BS1400 and haven't changed the stock blade out yet (to darn cold and I bought a 105" blade for the riser that just came in), but I can tell it is dull because I am used to working on a very old 12" that had only 1/4 HP. I had no problems sawing through any hard wood on that saw up to 5" thick with that little horsepower with a decent blade. When I tested my BS1400 with the stock blade it had a lot of trouble going through 3/4" poplar, I then inspected the blade and sure enough it is a poor blade.

    3/4 HP should be enough for most applications including resawing up to about 6-10" boards with the right blade.

    You should also consider buying the "Bandsaw Book" from Tauton press. This will tell you how to tune your bandsaw to perfection, including making sure you have belts and motor properly aligned.

    Good luck!

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