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Used Table Saw (TS2400)

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  • Used Table Saw (TS2400)

    I'm thinking about buying this saw off Craig's List. The seller is reputable, but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this model?

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    As far as portable table saws are concerned, it's excellent. Plenty of power, awesome fence, accurate cuts, and in my opinion better than the comparable DeWalt or Bosch offerings. I'm totally happy with mine.


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      They are good saws

      I've had my TS2400 for a bit more than 1 year, and I'm really glad I have it. It is very accurate, easy to setup and adjust. It holds its setting and doesn't need constant tuning.

      With a quality blade and after market miter guage I think it rivals contractor saws.

      For a used saw I can only suggest you look for signs of abuse, check the fence to make sure it hasn't been damaged. Also check the motor (does it run, run smoothly, and reasonably quitely) - the motor is much of the cost of these saws and a bad motor will cost you as much as you're likely paying for the whole saw.

      The manual is available on line, so if that is missing, not a biggie.