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DC 2000.......Pros & Cons

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  • DC 2000.......Pros & Cons

    I am thinking of getting the DC 2000 for my new shop. My home Depot has it on sale right now for $149.00 regular price is $249.00 Does anyone here have a DC and how effective is it. Also they have thier AF 2000 and AF 3000 on sale too. I believe the prices may be too good to pass up. Does anyone have the AF in thier shop. Any info will be appreciated.


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    I bought the DC2000 on sale at our HD for 149.00. I wasn't too impressed with it but, also I have never had one to compare it to.
    I think the problem is for me its to small.
    Everyone I talked to about it says in the case of a DC bigger is better but I just didn't have the room. But for using it on one
    tool then moving it to the next tool it does do its job. It just sucks having to move it everytime.