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is all paste wax the same

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    Re: is all paste wax the same

    That Penetrol ingredient list covers less than 60% of the product. I think that's just the volatile part. It doesn't say what the rest of the product contains, most likely some sort of proprietary solids that do the actual protecting of the metal.

    There are also varied opinions about the value of paste wax for protecting cast iron from rust. Personally, I have found it effective. I have used Johnson's, Butcher's, and Renaissance Wax. Other people have found that wax doesn't protect their stuff for long. Bostik Topcote and Boeshield both have their advocates. I like the Empire Topsaver products for cleaning up rust spots, but I still put a coat off wax on when I'm done. I think I's like to try the Penetrol. I have heard of it, but not for that use before.

    To clean the wax off your saw top, use mineral spirits (paint thinner) or naphtha, Use a scrubby pad and go over it 3 or 4 times with a lot of rags or paper towels. Acetone isn't necessary for wax removal and might damage any paint on your saw that it came in contact with.
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      Re: is all paste wax the same

      I live in the Charleston, SC area. Not sure about NC, but I found Johnson's Paste Wax at Lowe's, couldn't find it at Home Depot or any of the grocery stores here. Lowe's only.


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        Re: is all paste wax the same

        Its in Lowe's in NC, too. It is with the cleaners, metal polish (household goods) area, not in the woodworking, tool or paint area. If you want to also try the penetrol, it is by the airless paint sprayers. I am another fan of penetrol after bilmoy clued me in on it over a year ago. I have had to reapply the penetrol in the center high use area in front of the blade about every 500 - 1000 linear feet of lumber, but do not strip off all the old. (Cleaned all the wax off with naptha and wipe on the penetrol with a rag). I wax to slick up the table on top of the penetrol. I haven't had any rust problems since using the penetrol, but was getting flash rust, handprints, and sweat drop rust using just the wax.

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