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"Fence" for my BS1402 Bandsaw

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  • "Fence" for my BS1402 Bandsaw

    Since purchasing my Bandsaw a few months ago, I've started about half a dozen projects (only one of them finished). As I got into some of these, it became clear that I would going to need some type of cutting guide to keep my cuts something close to straight.

    I was about to grab some C-clamps and a scrap board, but then I thought I'd take a shot in the dark and see if my 24-inch Tru-Grip clamp would grip my BS table. I had previously only used this tool as a straight-ede for cutting plywood panels--I also have the 4-ft and 8-ft clamps, all puchased on Amazon. Well, it works perfectly. You can put it on, or take it off, in just a few seconds, and has a rock-solid grip to the table, so it's not going to shift. I use a tape measure to set the desired distance to the blade, and eyeball the position of the clamp so that it is reasonably square with the table, then clamp it down. I filled the mitre slot with a scrap piece of plywood so that I could attach the Tru-Grip over it if needed.

    Fast, easy, and since I already owned it, free. But at about $30, it's a bargain. Hope this helps someone.


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    I wouldn’t have thought that it would allow you to attach it with enough angle to compensate for drift, but you are correct they are quick and easy, I keep and 18” hanging next to my Drill Press to use as a quick and easy fence.