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R2600 ROS Purchase + Question

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  • R2600 ROS Purchase + Question

    My 25yr old Craftsman 1/4 sheet sander has been acting up lately and this weekend it took a dump. So where did I do my research, why right here on the Ridgid Forum. I had already been to HD and looked at all the brands, and was leaning toward getting the R2610, 6" Big Boy, but three things pushed me toward the R2600, 5 incher.
    It only weighs 3 lbs. vs. 6 lbs for the Big Boy
    It's only 0.8 amps less powerful than the Big Boy
    The comments on the forum seemed to put the 2600 in a better light.
    I have a basic understanding of the sander operation, but how do I determine when and how to use the variable speed feature of the tool? Do I use a lower speed in combination with coarser paper and a faster speed with finer paper or vice versa?

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    An excellent question Hector and I also look forward to hearing other peoples opinions on how to use a VS ROS.

    In my case, my 5" ROS is a single speed model and quite frankly I've never run across a situation where I've felt it couldn't handle the job because it lacked the VS option. If I want to hog off a bunch of material I've always just put on a coarser paper and vice versa a finer grit if I only want to take off a little material.

    Who knows, when my current ROS dies I may just get myself one of those VS models as I like gimmicks as well as the next guy. I guess basically though that currently my opinion of the VS feature is that its just a $20 add on gimmick.
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      Thanks BD. Let's wait for the mass of replies on this one. I do hope the VS feature is useful, and not just a gimmick.


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        I use the variable speed feature when working with resinous woods like cherry, lower speed = less heat and therefore less gumming of the disk.
        I also find that the disks load less on pine at lower speeds. My wood experience is pretty much limited to maple, oak, cherry, walnut and pine. High speed is fine on maple, oak, and walnut.
        I have the 2610 and my favorite feature is the dual orbit. This feature allows you to switch from aggressive 1/4" orbit to a polishing 1/8" orbit.
        However if you really want a perfect finish learn to use a cabinet scraper


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          Thanks WBrooks. That all makes sense to me. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I lost track of this thread.