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  • ShortCuts

    We have had a lot of positive feedback on last week's (#573) column about solvents, so to continue on a similar theme this week,we have a primary lesson on primers.
    Zinsser has some really great products that solve just about any paint or finish problem that you can throw at them and you can read about them in this week's ShortCuts.
    We will be away from our computer for a week or so but that doesn't mean that there won't be a column, my computer Guru will see to it that it gets on-line by next Saturday. So, the August 5 ShortCuts column deals with dead men, well, ok, the retaining wall type. We show you various styles of retaining walls and their construction. See you back here on Aug. 12. Enjoy.

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    Zinsser can be bought from the store shelves around here and their primer is an excellent product.


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      Hey Graham. I just realized that one of the first books I picked up at the library after I got my table saw in March of this year was by you, Workshop Shortcuts for Woodworkers. Damn, I'm BB'ing with an author
      I enjoyed your book. I'll have to look for the others.
      After putzing around with framing and minor woodworking project for 30 something years, I figure if I'm going to start getting serious about woodworking at 54, I need all the knowledge, tips, tricks and job aids I can get. Thanks