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  • Advice/Comments on Ridgid BS1400

    I would like to hear any advice/comments (positive and negative) on the Ridgid Band Saw (BS1400).

    I have been considering the 14" Jet or Delta saws. However, with a new version of the BS1400 coming out, if I come across a good discount on the current BS1400 at HD, I may consider buying one.


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    I have a BS1400 and like it a lot. Blade changes are pretty easy and the tension knob is not as bad as what others have written about. A few twists is all it takes to tension and untension. If you can tighten a clamp, you can work the bandsaw. As far as price, I wouldn't buy it again at $449, but would if on sale in the $350 range. I think that Grizzly makes a good saw in the $450-$500 range that comes with all the bells and whistles. (bearing guides and a few other things)


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      While I don't own the Ridgid, I do own the Grizzly G0555 and the next door neibor just bought the Ridgid. Here is a quick run down of the diferences I quickly noticed.

      Price: Ridgid on sale for $349.00 Plus tax
      Grizzly $375 plus $55 shipping.

      Fence: Ridgid must be purchased separatley ($65)
      Grizzly the fence is included.

      Blade tension release: Ridgid N/A
      Grizzly included.

      Blade guides: Ridgid block type
      Grizzly Carter style.

      Lower wheel brush: Ridgid included
      Grizzly not included

      These were just a few things I noticed by quickly looking at the next door neibors machine. You should evaluate these differences and decide what is important to you and whats not. From what I could tell the fit and finish was about equal. You may also want to so some more research on your own.

      Hope this helps,



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        Just a couple of other points-----Carter guides vs. blocks is a matter of who you talk to----have heard equally experienced people on both sides----but, fact remains that blocks maintain a bit more control simply because there is more contact with the blade----

        As to a fence or lack of same, I wouldn't worry----while a fence came with my Delta, I've only used it a few times----most band saw books will tell you have to build a more functional fence.

        I'd simply say that if you're only planning to do minor resaw work, either the Ridgid or Griz' would be good---if you want to resaw timbers or the like, you should be looking at a heaftier or large band saw. Agree with other comments----the Ridgid on sale is a good deal----have also heard good comments on the new Griz'


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          Ryan, thanks for the comparison.

          How do you like the Grizzly? Is there anything about it that is a problem or that you really don't like?


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            I've been happy with the Grizzly although I have to admit I don't use it as much as I had thought I would. As the previous poster stated if you plan on doing a large amount of resawing you should look at a larger model or if space is a problem try the delta 14" 1 1/2 hp model, although this is about twice as much as the ridgid or griz model but made in usa.

            One other consideration is Ridgid's service at this point in the transition from Emerson to OWT. I have been waiting on parts for a DP1550 for almost a month now (idler pully defective out of the box). In the past the service has been top notch according to others but based on the current climate quite unacceptable in my opinion. I will note that the neibors machine was perfect out of the box (all parts correct and accounted for) his dp was also correct. I guess it's just my bad luck.

            As far as the fence goes if you are doing a lot of scroll work and very little resawing or straight cutting the lack of a fence is no big deal but if not it should be a consideration. You could always build your own for a specfic purpose, but I prefer to just make jigs to fit my stock fence when the need arises.

            Hope this helps.



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              For another comparison, I have the highly recommended Jet 14 inch. Later I saw the new Grizzly, and wish I had it rather than the Jet. Most of the castings are identical, so it probably has the same manufacturer, but the Jet has terrible dust collection, and lacks many of the Grizzly "features" like blade tension release, 4 inch dust port, Carter bearings, fence included, etc.


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                Thanks for the info guys. Charlie, it was interesting to hear that about the Jet which I was seriously considering.

                Anyone else out there that actually owns the Ridgid Bandsaw that can comment on it?


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                  I have the BS 1400. I use it all the time, and love it. I often choose to rip stock on it rather than the TS. It has resawed oak and maple without balking. I did add the Woodcraft/ Duginske fence to the saw. I use locally sourced blades made from Lennox bulk stock. I would highly recommend this saw at the $449 I paid for it last year. At today's prices, it is an unequaled bargain! I got a replacement lower blade thrust bearing quickly and free from the new parts source Ryobi a couple of months ago. I have only praise for the Ridgid line even through its redevelopment.


                  Mike Narges